The future needs the whole *man.
--László Moholy-Nagy


“The future needs the whole person*.” — László Moholy-Nagy

*László Moholy-Nagy was professor at the Bauhaus school in the 1920s.

My Quantified Self

We are constantly being measured and quantified not only by others but more critically by ourselves. By quantifying humanity, one is tempted to objectify it and, per Western tradition, turn it into property. Soccer players in Europe, for example, are quantified so that they can be easily turned into commodities. Player attributes are calculated, summed, inputted, and processed through algorithms that presume to give them value. We have further observed this process extended to human labor in digitized forms through HCM software. To follow suit, I provide a snapshot of my quantified-self in this context so that I may be valued in the global workforce and the society in which I live.

*Inspired by the quantified-self movement and

Featured Work

Holistic Design @ YinzCam

UX Research

In order to identify the users and the subsquent experiences that needed to be designed, cotextual inquiries, user interviews, expert reviews and secondary reserch were conducted.

UX Design

A design thinking approach was taken to further ideate through new and necessary approaches. The data produced through the various user research activities were used to produce concrete designs.

Admin Experience

The divergent and then convergent phases of design thinking resulted the basis for a holistic, end-to-end, user-centric Content Management System that reduced complexity and had measurable positive results.


What employers say 'bout me

  • “Jonathan has a good foundation in all things UX research, and when he wasn't exactly sure of the right direction he possessed all of the necessary skills to find his way. He asked thoughtful questions, took proactive steps to move his projects forward, and sought out many different resources throughout the company to understand the full context of his projects.”

    — Rachel Lynch, UX Researcher

  • “Jonathan worked as a design researcher on my team at SAP. He has excellent research skills and above all, is a solid team player. I will always endorse Jonathan and look forward to working with him, again, at some point in our careers.”

    — Kedar Shiroor, VP, SAP Global Design

  • “Never heard of him.”

    — Steve Jobs

  1. Rachel Lynch
  2. Kedar Shiroor
  3. Steve Jobs